Helping businesses achieve long-term reductions to their electricity costs and carbon footprint through fully funded solutions.

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Sustainable Energy Solutions

Who can you trust to help you meet regulatory requirements and achieve your own individual objectives of reducing energy and emissions, delivering maximum business benefits at the same time? 

The Shawton team helps their clients to visualise the concept of generating renewable energy and ensures that it is beneficial in terms of saving money. 

We engage with clients from inception through to completion, with a solutions-led, engineered approach to energy and carbon reduction with clear measurable results that make a meaningful difference. 

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Iona Capital forms joint venture with Shawton Energy for C&I solar.
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Shawton Energy announce PPA Partnership with Solar Edge

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Delivering incredibly effective, efficient sustainable energy solutions for businesses across the UK.

Net Zero

Find out how we can help you meet legislation and achieve your own individual objectives of reducing energy and emissions

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Your journey starts with a single call or e-mail. Contact our team to organise a meeting. Together, we’ll establish how your organisation will achieve true net zero.