Protect your business against rapidly rising energy bills

We are solar energy specialists. So far we have saved our clients over £2 million, generating over 10 million kWh of clean electricity in the process.

Future proof your business

Whether you’re looking to cut costs or reduce your carbon footprint, commercial solar panels can offer the perfect energy solution.

Save up to 30% on your energy bills

No installation costs

Fully funded through PPA agreements

No disruption to your business

Installation process only 6 - 8 weeks

Guaranteed annual CO2 savings

What can you save?

Our experienced team will carry out a free comprehensive report to see how much you can save on your energy. All of our projects are carried out at ZERO added cost to your business and offer financial savings from Day 1 with protection against future price rises. The graph below displays projected savings over a 25 year period.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement

A PPA is an offtake agreement for energy that is generated on site at a reduced cost enabling businesses to switch effortlessly to low cost, clean, green energy, without any capital expenditure.

During the lifetime of the agreement the system will be operated and maintained to ensure carbon reduction and commercial savings are secured.

Shawton Energy will coordinate the desktop survey, financing, design, construct and install your system, and then maintain and monitor its performance, all at no cost to you.

Why Act Now?

With energy bills on the rise there has never been a better time to future proof your business with solar panels. Installing a solar PV system not only reduces your electricity costs but also provides green electricity that reduces your carbon footprint and helps your business reach its sustainability goals.

With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, your company’s green credentials are becoming ever more important (A Unilever study reveals a third of consumers are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact).

Improved technology, government incentives and greater competition between manufacturers means now is the perfect time to start your journey to Net Zero.

Sun Behind Cloud Illustration

Government Target Timeline


Net Zero Carbon by 2050 announced


Net Zero Carbon by 2050 announced


New buildings Net Zero Carbon in operation


All buildings Net Zero Carbon in operation

Our team is ready to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

25 years, however we do provide buy out options for years 10, 15 & 20 upon request.

Our PPA price is fixed and only increases in line with the Retail Price Index.

We review your performance data monthly. All information will therefore be shared with yourselves via invoice monthly.

All sites 1MW and under can be installed under Permitted Development Planning Guidelines. If your system size is over 1MW Shawton will investigate and apply for this on your behalf.

Initially there will not be any roof refurbishments or maintenance costs to yourselves. Prior to the installation commencing, we will complete a site visit where we will conduct an assessment into the suitability of the roof. If repair works are required, we will offer a range of solutions best suited to your business to overcome the issues, such as incorpating the cost into our PPA price.

The PV System will be insured by ourselves on your behalf at no additional cost. There should also be no increase to your premium as the asset is third party owned but please feel free to discuss this with your insurers.

Maintenance and monitoring is included within our PPA offer for the duration ion of the agreed agreement term.

After the agreed term has expired the rights and title will be passed onto yourselves. Effectively, you can now enjoy the PV power produced at zero cost!

Commonly, the process takes around 6-8 weeks from the PPA and Lease agreements being signed to the system being installed and commissioned. This will be longer if there is a delay in signing the PPA & Lease agreements.

We will ensure the disruption to your business is as minimal as possible. All site visits and access requirements will be agreed with yourselves prior to commencement.

Yes, this is the only legal route due to you owning the premises.

The Power Purchase Agreement & Lease agreements will be transferred to the new owner. We guarantee to make the transfer as easy and hassle free as possible for the new owner.