Net Zero

Shawton Energy work to provide a holistic approach in pioneering your path to true net zero carbon. We provide Funding, EPC wrap and O&M which makes us a strong decarbonisation partner.

Achieving Government Targets

In May 2019, the Committee on Climate on Change recommended that the UK should aim to be net zero on all greenhouse gases by 2050. The built environment contributes around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. Whilst newly constructed buildings are more efficient, they can still be driven to a net zero position.


Net Zero Carbon by 2050 announced


Net Zero Carbon by 2050 announced


New buildings Net Zero Carbon in operation


All buildings Net Zero Carbon in operation

Decarbonising your Business & Corporate Social Responsibility

Energy transition is a complex problem with many dimensions and uncertainties. Knowing where to start, then how to progress through a net zero project can be intimidating. It’s different for every organisation.

You can meet your greener CSR obligations with our services, all of which contribute to a cleaner, greener environment. There are no downsides; you reduce your carbon footprint, save money in the process, and earn the distinction of being a business that truly makes a difference.

Taking Real Action For a World That Runs Entirely on Green Energy

Far more than just energy consultants, we are experienced engineers who have a passion for delivering a portfolio of practical, green renewables, alongside more traditional sources.

We develop, design, construct, operate and maintain high performing green energy projects, with a results-based approach that retains focus on tangible benefits that are both visible and measurable.

Our solutions are driven by on a comprehensive blend of practical site experience, technical knowledge, engineering and design management expertise and project leadership wisdom.

A Complex Journey In Simple Steps

We deliver the entire project life cycle – from feasibility, all the way through to operations and maintenance. And as a systems integrator, we specialise in bringing renewable subsystems together, ensuring they function as an optimum whole.

Although the magnitude of change required at the outset may seem staggering, don’t worry. Our job is to make the daunting manageable and your goals achievable.

Phase 1: Listening & Understanding

We are with you in every step of solar journey from initial plans to the permits, paperworks and flawless installations.

Phase 2: Establishing the Baseline

Measuring and quantitive data collection, facilitating the analysis that will form the basis of your bespoke energy solutions plan.

Phase 3: Solution Implementation

Buying and implementing appropriate renewable technologies, and optimising your building systems to drive efficiencies.

Phase 4: Continued Partnership

An ongoing supportive relationship to monitor and continuously improve energy performance, extending towards Scope 3 (indirect) emissions.

Our team is ready to get started. 

Your journey starts with a single call or e-mail. Contact our team to organise a meeting. Together, we’ll establish how your organisation will achieve true net zero.