Solar Panels for Farm Buildings

At Shawton Energy, we’re committed to advancing the farming sector by introducing affordable, long-term, sustainable energy solutions designed explicitly for agricultural structures.

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Choosing Solar Panels for Farm Buildings

Embrace a sustainable future with Shawton Energy, where we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge solar solutions into the heart of your agricultural operations. 

We’re proud to bring the golden opportunity to combine agricultural practices with green energy, allowing farms to contribute positively to the environment as they nourish the nation.

Investing in solar panels for farm buildings is a forward-thinking approach that not only conserves energy but also sets an example of responsibility and innovation for generations to come.

Solar Panels for Farm buildings. An image of a British farming family smiling for a picture.
Solar Panels for Farm buildings. An image of a farm with solar panels on the roof.

Why Go Green With Shawton Energy?

With over two decades’ worth of experience in renewable energy, our team at Shawton Energy brings a depth of knowledge that translates into a trustworthy, high-calibre service for every project we undertake.

Farm owners across the UK have trusted us for impeccable solar panel solutions. The trust of our clients really does mean the world to us, and our expanding presence in the agricultural sector is evidence of our dedication to quality and service.

We recognise the unique needs of farm buildings and specialise in custom solar panel installations that integrate seamlessly with the existing structures. Our approach is hands-on and farm-focused, ensuring that every solar system we install maximises efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness, allowing for a wise investment that pays off both immediately and in the long run.



Find Out More About Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Want to find out more about how a Solar Power Purchase Agreement can help with your transition to renewable energy? Find out more information on our page, or to check your eligibility, call us today on 01925 794 874.

Solar Panel Purchase Agreements for the Agriculture Sector

Our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) provides farmers with a budget-friendly path to equip their farm buildings with solar panels – removing the barrier of upfront costs.

We cover all expenses for installation and maintenance, eliminating the financial barriers that often hold farmers back from transitioning to solar energy where possible.

The agreement lasts for 25 years, aligning with the long-term nature of agricultural planning, ensuring that farms can enjoy significantly reduced energy costs over an extended period.

There’s often a little hesitation to adopt solar panels due to the complexity of installation and concerns about the impact on their daily operations. Our PPA addresses these issues by offering a comprehensive service that handles everything from assessment to maintenance, allowing farmers to focus on their core agricultural activities without worrying about energy management.

After the PPA concludes, farmers can keep the solar installation at no additional cost, extending the benefits of lower energy bills for decades. 

Solar Panels for Farm buildings. An image of a field with multiple cows grazing.

The Advantages of Choosing Shawton Energy Solar Panels

As the backbone of our food supply, farms require energy that’s as dependable and hardworking as the farmers themselves. Our solar panel installations are custom-designed to meet these needs, offering sustainable and powerful solutions to the agricultural community.

Optimised for Efficiency and Yield – Our solar panel systems are engineered for the unique demands of agricultural operations.

Investment That Grows With You – Your solar installation can be designed to scale. Start with what you need and have the option to expand as your farm grows.

Zero Upfront Capital Needed – No upfront costs mean you can begin saving from day one. We cover all expenses associated with the installation of solar panels as well as any ongoing maintenance that might be required for the next 25 years.

Bespoke Agricultural Solar Designs – No two farms are alike, and your energy solution should reflect that.

Transparent Energy Tracking – Stay informed with our detailed energy tracking and monthly performance reports. You’ll have access to a clear view of your savings and the performance of your solar investment.

Non-Invasive Installation – Our solar panel installation will cause no disruption to your daily operations. We work around your schedule, ensuring that your transition to clean energy is as smooth as possible.

Long-Term Energy Independence – Embrace the security of energy independence with solar panels that decrease reliance on grid power and protect you against fluctuating energy prices, securing your farm’s overheads for years to come.

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Solar Panels for Farm buildings. An image of a male farmer putting out hay in the field to feed the sheep.

Powering the Future of Farming with Solar Energy

Integrating solar energy on farms isn’t just about reducing electricity expenses. This initiative positions the agriculture industry at the forefront of adopting sustainable practices that benefit the environment. So, by switching to solar power, farmers are not just slashing their operational costs – they’re actively contributing to the health of our planet.

The decision to install solar panels represents a progressive and cleaner approach to agriculture. It ensures that the production of our food has a lower environmental footprint, safeguarding land resources for future generations.

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Explore the incredible benefits and advantages of solar panels for farm buildings with Shawton Energy.

Our team is ready to take you through all of our available options, helping you make an informed decision that could transform your energy usage. Get in touch today to learn how we can support your agricultural operations with clean, cost-effective solar solutions.

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Solar Panels for Farm Buildings FAQs

See below for answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive here at Shawton Energy.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us directly today, and a member of our team will happily answer any queries you may have. 

Will I still have an electricity bill if I install solar panels on my farm building?

If your solar system doesn’t produce 100% of your energy needs, you’ll still receive a bill. However, many farms see a significant reduction. Some regions also have net metering, allowing you to sell excess energy back to the grid, offsetting costs.

How do solar panels impact the resale value of my farm?

Solar installations can increase property value by reducing future energy costs for potential buyers and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

How is a PPA different from a traditional solar lease?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and a traditional solar lease are both financial arrangements that enable farmers to install solar panels on their buildings with minimal upfront costs, but they differ in structure and payment agreements.

With a PPA, the solar provider installs and maintains the system, and you benefit from any excess power generated. With a lease, you may be responsible for ongoing maintenance, and the financial benefits are fixed to the lease terms.

Why should I consider solar panels for my farm building?

The main reasons why you should consider solar panels for farm buildings are that they can provide sustainable energy, reduce electricity bills, and there’s no upfront capital required whatsoever. Using solar energy can also lower your farm’s carbon footprint.

Are solar panels safe during storms and strong winds?

Yes. As long as your quality solar panels are installed correctly, they are completely safe. Our solar panels are designed to withstand various extreme weather conditions, including high winds and hail. 

How does Shawton Energy ensure the quality and reliability of its installation partners?

Shawton Energy engages with trusted partners for installations, ensuring every contractor we work with is accredited by NIC-EIC, MCS, and OZEV.

How do seasonal changes affect solar panel efficiency on farms?

While solar panels are most effective in sunny conditions, they still produce energy on cloudy days. The efficiency might vary seasonally, but panels are generally designed to capture sunlight throughout the year.

How much roof space is needed for solar installations on farm buildings?

The space required depends on the energy needs of your farm and the efficiency of the panels chosen. Don’t worry – one of our dedicated solar consultants can provide you with a tailored assessment. 

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