Solar Energy
For Your Business

A guide on accessing cheaper, greener energy

Accessing Cheaper & Greener Energy

Reducing energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the pursuit of sustainability isn’t just something you should talk about— it’s something you should be strategically delivering on. As organisations across the world strive to minimise their environmental impact and enhance operational efficiency, Shawton Energy stands at the forefront, offering innovative solutions to address these pressing challenges – all with zero upfront investment.

At Shawton Energy, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses to achieve their sustainability goals while optimizing cost efficiency and operational resilience. With decades of experience in the energy sector and a deep commitment to innovation, we’re your trusted partner in navigating the transition to a greener, more sustainable future. We design, build, install, maintain and operate solar systems for our customers at no upfront cost or ongoing opex, providing cheaper and greener energy at a cheaper price than you can access off of the grid.

Solar Energy For Your Business

Our fully funded solar solution

Shawton Energy’s fully-funded Solar PV solution is designed to provide businesses with access to clean, renewable energy without the burden of upfront capital investment. By leveraging solar power, organisations can not only reduce their carbon footprint but also gain long- term economic benefits and enhance their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.



Our turn-key solution covers every aspect from development to maintenance. Whether it’s installing solar systems on your premises or nearby land, we ensure zero carbon energy is delivered to you without any upfront costs through a fixed-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). We maximise the use of available on-site space, such as car park canopies, vacant ground space, or rooftops, to deploy Solar PV, thereby extracting value from underutilised assets. In instances where on-site space is limited, we can secure off-site land and deliver energy to you through a private wire or from a remote solar facility via the grid.

The benefits of fully funded solar PV?

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Enhanced Sustainability

Solar energy is abundant, inexhaustible, and environmentally friendly, making it a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. By harnessing the power of the sun, businesses can significantly reduce their reliance on non-renewable energy sources and contribute to the fight against climate change.

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Scalable and Flexible

Solar PV systems can be customised to meet the unique energy needs of businesses, whether they operate on a small, medium, or large scale. From rooftop installations to ground-mounted arrays, solar PV offers flexibility in design and deployment, enabling businesses to maximise their energy generation potential.


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With advancements in technology and declining installation costs, solar PV has become increasingly cost-effective. By locking in long-term energy prices through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), organizations can shield themselves from volatile energy markets and achieve greater financial stability.

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Environmental Benefits

By transitioning to solar energy, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Solar PV systems produce clean, renewable energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions, helping organisations meet their sustainability targets and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Bringing our fully-funded
solar solutions to life

At Shawton Energy, we offer two main customer solutions, tailored to suit your needs— on-site or off-site, contingent upon available space for PV generation. Additionally, we provide sleeved Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) sourced from remote Solar PV facilities, managing every aspect of the process, from generation to load management.

On site solar power

On-Site Solar

For on-site solutions, Shawton Energy creates proposals to maximize untapped potential in spaces like rooftops, parking
areas, or ground areas. Our process begins with a comprehensive site desktop assessment, outlining an optimal Solar PV solution based on your energy consumption and site constraints. We explore opportunities for integrating the solar system with other energy solutions to further enhance your benefits. Our standard PPA structure typically spans 15-25 years, featuring a fixed, inflation- linked tariff for the energy generated. However, recognizing the uniqueness of each customer’s requirements, we remain flexible in contract structures to ensure the optimal fit for your organisation.

Off-Site Private Wire Solar

Off-Site Private Wire Solar

Off-site systems can offer advantages, particularly for expanding generation capacity or in scenarios where industrial land holds significant value. Shawton Energy takes charge of building, owning, operating, and maintaining generation facilities ranging from 1-50 MW on nearby land. We establish connectivity to your premises via a private wire connection, ensuring seamless energy transmission. Our team handles the entire process, from sourcing and securing suitable sites to bearing associated risks and costs.

Is a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Right for Your Business?

Hundreds of businesses across diverse sectors such as retail, hotels & leisure, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing are already embracing renewable energy through long-term PPAs with solar facilities situated on or near their premises.

To determine if a Solar PPA is suitable for your organization, consider the following criteria:

Significant Energy Demand

Typically, your business should have a substantial overall energy demand, typically exceeding 500,000 kilowatt- hours (KWh) annually.

Existing Grid Connection

An established grid connection at your site is essential for integrating solar energy into your operations seamlessly.

Space Around Your Location

You should have roofs no smaller than 600m2 unless you are a multi-site customer where it can be approached differently. If you have spare ground space within your boundary we can utilise that and we could even explore the use of adjacent land from a different land owner and do a private wire arrangement. Failing that and you are using a large amount of power then we can explore building a solar farm elsewhere in the country and sleeve the energy to your site.

Commitment to Sustainability

If reducing carbon intensity and operational costs align with your organization’s goals and values, a Solar PPA can be a strategic choice for achieving these objectives while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Why Choose Shawton Energy For Your Solar?

Trusted experience you can count on

At Shawton Energy, our team of solar experts have a proven track record of delivering turnkey rooftop and ground-mounted systems across the UK and ROI both customer-funded and through a fully funded PPA. From development and construction to operation and risk management, Shawton Energy handles every aspect, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Integrated solutions for your needs

As an integrated energy company, Shawton Energy goes beyond solar generation to offer a wide range of whole-system solutions. From EV charging to battery storage solutions, we provide comprehensive support to meet your evolving energy needs.

Your trusted long-term partner

As an established business operating since 1986 and having co-ownership by Lazard Investment, a global investment house, we are the ideal and low-risk counter party for long-term partnerships. Our commitment to reliability and innovation has solidified our position as a trusted partner for businesses seeking sustainable energy solutions.

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