Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery energy storage systems allow you to store power from Solar PV and discharge it when it is needed

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We know that the requirements of your business are unique and that you need control over how you use your energy and the ways you pay for it. At Shawton Energy, we want to work with you to develop a bespoke solution to help you achieve your energy goals for your business.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) allow companies to store power from Solar PV systems when production is higher than demand. This allows businesses to use more of their generated energy, providing a cost effective way to store power for use at a critical time, while delivering long term savings, reducing your reliance on the grid and progressing your journey to net zero.

BESS usually consists of one of more batteries which gives companies greater control and flexibility over their electricity use.

Efficient storage systems allow businesses to use all of the energy generated by the commercial solar panel system as it can be ‘saved’ for the times you need it the most. You can take advantage of all of the electricity generated at peak times and use this when it is required.

Battery Energy Storage Systems can also provide back-up power if there’s a power cut. This helps to improve stability and allows businesses to continue working when they’re not receiving electricity from the grid.

Shawton Energy will work with you to understand your energy consumption and design a Solar PV and BES system that works for your business. Our services include feasibility, funding, design and installation as well as operation and maintenance support.


Turn-key Battery Energy Storage System Solutions

Shawton Energy provides a complete, turnkey solution for Battery Energy Storage Systems. This includes getting to know your energy usage, providing the best system for your needs, and installing and maintaining the system.

Whether you have a rooftop Solar PV system, a ground-mount system or a solar carport, we can work with you to ensure all of the electricity generated at peak times is stored for use when your business needs it.

Battery Energy Storage Systems for All Businesses

No matter what industry your business works within, we can design and install a Battery Energy Storage System that will work for you. Storage systems are highly efficient and put you in control of your energy bills, saving you money and protecting your business against rising energy costs.

Any business requiring power resilience and flexibility in its energy use will benefit from installing a Battery Energy Storage System. For businesses with high energy consumption, such as industrial and manufacturing, this flexibility can be beneficial and lead to substantial savings on electricity bills.

Let Shawton Energy’s BESS experts work with you to help you become a more sustainable business and move towards carbon net zero. Our highly skilled team have extensive experience designing, installing and maintaining Battery Energy Storage Systems. They will guide you through the process from initial consultation to installing the system and beyond.



Fully Funded Battery Energy Storage Systems

Shawton Energy helps businesses store energy generated by their Solar PV systems with the fully-funded installation of Battery Energy Storage Systems in conjunction with Lazard.

Businesses can switch effortlessly to low-cost, clean, green solar energy and use all of the power they generate at peak times when they need it most without any upfront costs as part of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Show Your Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability

A Solar PV system and a Battery Energy Storage System that allows businesses to make the most of all the electricity they generate shows employees, stakeholders and customers that your organisation is committed to change.

Being able to store electricity generated by Solar PV systems for use later is critical to the UK government’s plan to reach carbon net zero by 2050. By utilising this technology, you demonstrate your organisation’s efforts to help reach the government’s targets.

If you’re ready to learn more about Battery Energy Storage Systems that make the most of the electricity generated by Solar PV systems, our team are here to help. We’ll help establish how your organisation can achieve true net zero.


PPA for Solar Battery Energy Storage Systems


Switching to renewable is now easy with our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). We offer this fully funded option to businesses during their energy transition, which allows them to produce low cost, clean energy without the stress of upkeep or payment of any upfront costs. 

As a strong decarbonisation partner, the Shawton team will work with you to create an energy efficient solar system, using our commercial solar panels and battery energy storage systems. Over your 25 year term, we will be responsible for the installation and implementation, insurance and maintenance of the energy solutions so you don’t have to worry. 

By signing a PPA, you are able to make a ROI from long-term energy savings and stay committed to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Discover more about PPA and how we can help your business with it’s energy transition.

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