Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants

Transform your manufacturing plant with eco-friendly solar energy for cost-effective and sustainable operations.

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Solar-Powered Manufacturing Plants with Shawton Energy

At Shawton Energy, we’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading renewable energy suppliers, specialising in providing solar panel systems specifically designed for manufacturing plants. 

Solar panels for manufacturing plants are more than just energy savers – they’re a nod to the future of sustainable industrial practices, and a clear set of benefits drives the shift to solar power in manufacturing. 

Partnering with Shawton Energy for solar panel installation means choosing a seamless, professional experience. Our expertise ensures that the transition to solar is straightforward, aligning with the plant’s operational needs without the hassle of unnecessary complications.

Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants. An image of commercial solar panels being manufactured in a factory.

Why Invest in Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants?

In the manufacturing sector, which has a significant electricity demand, choosing to install solar panels is a practical and effective solution. Plus, as the world’s attention shifts more towards renewable energy, adopting solar panels represents a smart, forward-thinking strategy for any manufacturing plant.

Industrial solar panels effectively utilise unused roof space, transforming it into a source of clean energy. This not only lowers electricity costs but also enhances the overall efficiency of the plant. Plus, the potential for cost savings and improved operational efficiency becomes apparent from day one, and even more significant as time goes on. 

Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants. An image of an aerial top view of a male engineer with solar panels on the roof in factory industry.
Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants. An image of Solar panels and wind power generation equipment.

Enhancing Environmental Impact and Corporate Social Responsibility

By making the easy switch to this renewable energy source, manufacturing plants can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Embracing solar energy is a proactive step towards a more sustainable and responsible business model. Plus, this transition not only demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility but also positions the company as a forward-thinking leader in sustainability.

The use of solar energy reflects positively on the company’s brand, reinforcing its dedication to eco-friendly practices. It appeals to environmentally conscious consumers and stakeholders, promoting a positive corporate image.  

Maximising Savings and Efficiency with Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants

Opting for solar panels is a strategic choice for manufacturing plants, offering significant benefits in terms of cost savings, energy independence, and environmental impact. 

By installing solar panels, plants can significantly reduce their reliance on the national grid. This not only cuts energy costs but also provides a more stable and reliable energy source, effectively shielding operations from market fluctuations and potential supply disruptions.

Plus, making the switch to renewable energy is a cost-effective strategy that also supports sustainability goals by promoting eco-friendly practices. 

The savings potential varies based on the solar panel system size and available roof space, but considerable cost reductions are highly likely. In some cases, commercial solar panels designed for manufacturing plants have even been able to generate more electricity annually than they consume, illustrating the impressive potential of solar energy in industrial settings.

Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants. An image of an aerial view of solar panels installed on factory rooftop.

Solar PPA Agreements for Manufacturing Plants

Worried about the burden of upfront costs associated with switching to renewable energy? With Shawton Energy, you don’t have to.

Our 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) cover means that manufacturing plants are able to undergo a full solar panel installation, and we’ll cover 100% of the costs and provide ongoing maintenance for the entire duration of the agreement. 

Our goal is to make renewable energy more accessible. And with our PPA agreements, businesses and individuals can confidently transition to greener energy solutions without the financial burden of upfront costs or system maintenance. Solar PPA coverage offers a stable and predictable cost structure, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective supply of clean energy.

Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants. An image of a large manufacturing plant with solar panel solutions installed on the roof.

Find Out More About Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Want to know more about how a Solar Power Purchase Agreement can help with your energy transition? Find out more information on our page, or to check your eligibility, call us today on 01925 794 874.

The Benefits of Choosing Shawton Energy Solar Panels

There are many benefits to choosing solar panel installation with Shawton Energy.

Affordable, Budget-Friendly Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants – We provide cost-effective solar panels that are designed to align with all budgets.

Zero Capital Required – We fund the entire solar panel installation and maintenance expenses for 25 years.

Custom Solutions For Manufacturing Plants – Our team is experienced in tailoring solar panel installations to suit the unique demands and requirements of each business.

Hassle-Free Installation – Our experts will ensure that solar panels are installed with little to no disruption to your daily operations.

Long-term, Cost-Effective InvestmentWith our solar panel installation, manufacturing plants can unlock significant potential savings.

Safe Installation – Our experts will ensure that our solar panels are installed both efficiently and safely.

Be Kept Up to Date With Monthly Performance Reports – See how much you’re saving on a monthly basis. A report is sent directly to you, which provides complete transparency over energy consumption, costs, savings, and more.

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Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants. An image of solar panel installation on the roof of a factory.

Versatile Solar Solutions by Shawton Energy for Diverse Manufacturing Industries

Because our solar panel solutions are renowned for their versatility and can be designed to cater to a wide array of needs, demands and requirements, we’re proud to have been the number-one choice for a broad range of manufacturing industries across the UK in making the transition to renewable energy.

We have successfully executed large-scale projects for factories and warehouses, and we’ve also successfully partnered with a wide range of other manufacturing sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical, FMCGs, and chemical plants, to adopt similar solar panel solutions. 

Our solar panel solutions are both adaptable and efficient, offering these diverse industries a sustainable energy alternative that supports their goals of achieving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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As leaders in the manufacturing industry, you understand the importance of innovation, efficiency, and responsibility. Embrace a sustainable future and showcase your commitment to these values by transitioning to solar energy. 

To learn more about how our solar panel installation service can benefit your business, contact our team today.

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Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants


We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions we receive below. If you cannot find the answer to your query, please contact us directly today.

Can Solar Panels Be Used in Factories?

Yes. In fact, factories often have substantial, unused roof space – making it the ideal place for installing solar panel solutions. 

What Impact Will a PPA Have On Our Operational Budget?

We fund the entire installation and provide ongoing maintenance to the solar panels throughout the total duration of the contract, free of charge. This means that manufacturing plants will not have to worry about upfront costs.

What Will the Return on Investment Be?

To determine how much solar panels will generate and what the financial return will look like for your business, consider factors such as your current monthly energy usage and system size.

Don’t worry, as our experts will take you through all of the details so that you can make an informed decision. 

Can We Incorporate Solar Carports and EV Charging Stations Within Our PPA?

Yes, we’re able to integrate both solar carports and EV charging solutions into your PPA offering.

Please note that including additional solar energy solutions may influence the project’s overall capital cost, meaning that the specific PPA rate may be changed. 

Is Shawton Energy An OLEV-Approved Installer of EV Charging Stations?

Yes. Here at Shawton Energy, we proudly operate exclusively with highly qualified installation partners.

Additionally, all of our contractors are fully certified by NIC-EIC, MCS, and OZEV.

What Are the Main Benefits of Solar Panels for Manufacturing Plants?

The main benefits of solar panels for a manufacturing plant include reduced energy costs, lower carbon footprint, energy independence, and potential tax incentives.

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