Commercial Solar Carports

Commercial solar carports allow you to park vehicles securely and reduce your business energy bills by up to 20% by harnessing solar power.

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What is a Solar Carport?

Solar carports, which are structures that provide shade for parked cars and generate electricity using solar panels, offer a practical, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solution – especially for businesses looking to contribute positively to the environment.

Equipped with specialised panels, these carports capture sunlight and convert it into sustainable electricity, ideal for powering buildings or charging electric vehicles.

Our solar carport structures are known for their adaptability, with various designs available to suit different parking layouts, ensuring aesthetic harmony with their surroundings. Plus, beyond energy production, solar carports offer additional environmental benefits such as rainwater collection, further aligning with eco-conscious values.

Additionally, solar carports also present opportunities for customisation and branding, potentially serving as platforms for advertising. So, from a financial perspective, the installation of a solar carport can enhance property value. For businesses, this translates into potential revenue streams – either through the provision of electric vehicle charging services or the display of promotional material.



Why Choose Commercial Solar Carport Installation for Your Business?

Commercial solar carports are an innovative way to harness the power of the sun’s energy. They are the perfect solution if your building roof isn’t suitable for a commercial solar panel system or if you want to add to your existing Solar PV system.

There are many benefits to a Solar PV carport, including the following:


Reducing electricity bills by around 20%


Parking vehicles securely under shelter from the sun and other elements


Make use of your existing land by utilising your car park for renewable energy


Transform your everyday car park into a stunning showcase of the future


Future-proofing your business


Transform idle spaces into profit-generating solar power hubs


Full integration of EV charging systems and facilities


Guaranteed carbon reduction compared to grid consumption

As with a traditional rooftop Solar PV system, a solar carport allows you to generate all or a proportion of the electrical energy your business needs by using the world’s largest renewable energy resource – the sun.

Depending on the location, a carport with 10 spaces can generate around 35kW of electricity, saving 7000 kg of CO2 emissions every single year.

Shawton Energy will work in partnership with you to understand your energy consumption, ensure a solar carport is the right solution and make the switch to solar power as straightforward as possible.


A Full, Turn-Key Service for Commercial Solar Carports

Together with our sister company, Shawton Engineering, we work in collaboration to provide a full turn-key Solar carport service. This includes the design, planning, funding and installation of your Solar PV carport, so there’s minimal hassle for you.

Shawton Engineering manufacture and build the bespoke carport for your space depending on your needs, and we then fit the Solar PV system to the roof of the carport. This means fewer planning restrictions are involved in the process, making it faster and more straightforward for our clients.

Solar PV Carports for Every Site

 Solar carports can be customised to suit your land and your individual needs. We offer solutions that can suit all businesses.

Together with Shawton Engineering, we have innovative ways of designing and installing Solar PV carports to make the most out of your available space. For example, if you have a large car park or several different car parking areas, our modular Solar PV systems can be built in an arrangement to suit your needs and linked together.

  • Solar PV carports are suitable for any parking area, no matter the orientation or shape
  • Solar PV carports are suitable for just 1 row or many rows of vehicles
  • We can design and install carports suitable for high-headroom vehicles such as trucks, vans etc.
  • We can implement lighting, drainage, and more depending on your needs



Fully funded Solar PV Carport

At Shawton Energy, we’re dedicated to revolutionising the way businesses utilise solar power, and we want to make solar carport installations accessible to all commercial spaces. 

That’s why we provide fully-funded installations of top-tier SolarEdge solar carport systems, executed in collaboration with Lazard.

Through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), businesses can switch effortlessly to low-cost, clean, green solar energy, without any initial capital investment. This agreement allows businesses to purchase the solar power generated by the carport at a lower cost than traditional energy sources, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly energy solution.

PPA for Solar Carports


To help with your business’ transition to renewable energy, we offer a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) as a fully funded option for your business.

The Power Purchase Agreement is an option to provide low-cost, sustainable energy for your business and help it stay committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility without any capital expenditure or upfront costs.

We will take charge of the installation and implementation of your solar system, look after any maintenance or upkeep, as well as provide full insurance so you are not liable during your 25-year term.

Find out more about how we can help your business make long-term energy savings with our Solar Power Purchase Agreement.



What Are The Benefits of Solar Carport Installation Through Our Power Purchase Agreement?

Discover some of the key benefits of solar carport installation with our exclusive Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) option below. 


The PPA term is typically up to 25 years.

The price of the power purchased is fixed and will increase annually at the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate, therefore providing a safe harbour for future spikes in power prices.

Monthly invoicing and performance reports.

System sizes under 1MW are permitted development (unless on a listed building or in a conservation area); therefore, planning permission is not usually required.

With Shawton, there are no initial maintenance, refurbishment or roof upgrade costs.

We insure the system at no cost to you.

The rights and title to the system will be passed to you upon completing the PPA term.

The system is monitored and maintained for the full duration of the agreement, at no cost to you.

Demonstrate your Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability

A Solar PV carport instantly shows employees, stakeholders and customers that your organisation is committed to change and is utilising renewable energy to help reach the government’s targets of carbon net zero by 2050.

Our solar carport installation service enables businesses to easily transition to renewable energy, reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs simultaneously. So, by leveraging solar carports equipped with cutting-edge SolarEdge technology, your business can play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable practices while enjoying the economic benefits of solar power. 

If you’re ready to learn more about Solar PV carports and start your journey towards a more sustainable business, our team are here to help. We’ll help establish how your organisation can achieve true net zero.



Invest in Solar Carports With Shawton Energy Today

Are you committed to sustainable practices and eager to reduce your carbon footprint? Do you want to showcase your dedication to environmental responsibility and edge closer to a B Corp certification? Our solar carport installation service is your solution.

Contact the Shawton Energy team today to explore the best solar carport solutions tailored specifically for your business needs. 

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Shawton Energy Solar Carports FAQs

Does Shawton Energy Work With OLEV-Approved Installers for EV Charging Station Installations?

Yes. Shawton Energy exclusively collaborates with NIC-EIC, MCS, and OZEV-approved contractors.

What Maintenance Does a Solar Carport Require?

Solar carports require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of the solar panels to remove dust, leaves, or snow is recommended for optimal performance. Plus, if you opt for a solar carport installation through the use of our PPA – maintenance is covered by us. 

How Much Does a Solar Carport Cost?

We offer Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options for solar carports, which is a fully funded service. This means you can have a solar carport installed at no upfront cost. 

Is My Business Location Suitable Solar Carport Installation?

All spaces that have access to an open area with sunlight exposure are suitable for solar carports. If you’re unsure about the compatibility of your business location, our team can provide a professional assessment to determine if your commercial property can be transformed into a green energy hub with our state-of-the-art solar carports.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Solar Carport?

There are countless benefits to choosing a solar carport installation for your business. 

Some of the key advantages include the ability to generate renewable energy, reduce your operational and electricity costs, provide weather protection for vehicles, efficiently utilise space, and potentially increase property value.

Can Shawton Energy Design and Build Solar Carports?

Yes, Shawton Energy, through its in-house division Shawton Engineering, can expertly design and build solar carports. We provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring the integration of high-quality materials and innovative design for maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Are EV Charging Systems Included In a PPA?

Yes! We can certainly integrate these into any PPA proposal. 

What Is the Difference Between Solar Canopy and Solar Carport?

A solar carport is specifically designed to provide shade and solar power generation for parked vehicles in car parks, whereas a solar canopy is a more general freestanding structure for power generation and shade.

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