We provide a range of funding structures for commercial renewable energy projects. This key part of the commercialisation process can involve different forms of funding, ranging from clients wishing to mitigate risk, via a joint venture, or a combination of both.​

We Offer Three Types of Funding

We provide a range of funding structures for commercial renewable energy projects. This key part of the process can involve different forms of funding, catering for clients wishing to mitigate capital risk, making their own purchase, or a combination of both. 

Capital Free, Fully Funded PPA

A PPA is a solution provided by Shawton, which enables organisations to make the switch to low-cost renewable energy. Instead of purchasing 100% of your electricity from the grid, you self- generate a percentage of your day-time consumption, by way of a fully installed Solar PV system on your building, land or car park. 

Shawton Energy will coordinate the financing, assess your organisation’s needs, design, construct and install your system, and then maintain and monitor its performance – all at no cost to you. 

Why our clients choose PPA

Other Forms of Funding

For organisations who want to attain full control we can offer

Direct Investment

Shawton Energy also helps clients who are seeking to purchase a solar PV system or associated technologies outright by deploying their own capital, applying the same quality approach and rigour as we do to our own assets deployed via a PPA. 

A capital purchase option accelerates the return on investment over a fully funded system, but does attract two other ancillary challenges: 

  • A likely increase in business rates. (This does not apply to the PPA solution, as the business does not ‘own’ the asset) 

  • The ongoing monitoring, maintenance, insurance and management of the asset. 


solar panel financing

Asset Finance

We are also able to offer an Asset Finance option to fund your solar PV system. There are a number of options, including Lease Purchase and Lease Hire under which this can be agreed, which we would be happy to discuss with you.

Many organisations that invest in a solar system do not always appreciate the maintenance and support required to maximise the lifetime efficiency of the asset. Crucially there may come a point where the business wishes to refinance the asset as it requires capital for other reasons; only a well-maintained asset will be attractive.

For this reason Shawton Energy incorporate an operational maintenance agreement on all assets, giving clients maximum performance and peace of mind for the future.

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