Burnley Teaching Block and State of the Art Sports Facility

Shawton Energy recently helped Burnley College improve its carbon footprint and future sustainability by installing commercial solar panel systems on its teaching block and state-of-the-art sports facility.

Working alongside our trusted project development partner Green Shield Group, we installed a rooftop Solar PV system across different buildings and a new technology suite at the further education establishment in Lancashire. In the technology suite, we installed products from global leader SolarEdge, which will allow students to learn more about Solar PV and renewable energy after incorporating these technologies into the future education syllabus.


Our installation plan had to consider that this is an educational facility and professional training and recovery centre which students had to have full access to. The installation was carried out during term time, so health and safety were paramount. Taking just over four weeks, the works carried out had minimal disruption to the everyday use of the teaching block and sports facility.

Shawton Energy funded the project through a 25-year PPA agreement, which means we are responsible for the operation and management of the Solar PV system for the project’s lifetime.

Burnley College will buy the electricity generated from the solar modules on their rooftop at a fixed rate, which is a saving of over 25% of current grid electricity prices (note – October 2021 price).


This project is a prime example of how a business can maximise solar energy generation and provide cost-effective maintenance and operation of solar arrays.

Comprising three separate solar arrays, the combined 736-module system is forecast to reduce the college’s carbon emissions by 48 tonnes per year and cut its annual electricity bill in excess of £80,000 based on current energy prices. Total savings over the next ten years could exceed £1.2m when energy price inflation is taken into account.

Now, Burnley College can enjoy dramatically lower electricity bills and generate its own clean, green energy, whilst reducing its carbon footprint and showing its commitment to sustainability. On the sports facility alone, its forecast that Burnley College will achieve significant savings in excess of £5.5m on its electricity bills over the course of the PPA agreement.

“This system will play a considerable part in helping the college on its decarbonisation journey. Not only will it save us money by reducing our energy bills, but the development of the technology suite will help our students to learn about the capture, storage and transfer of renewable energy in real time”.

Key Facts


Installation Time:

4 Weeks


Carbon saved annually:

48,780 kg

Average Annual Reduction in Electricity Bill


Based on current energy prices

Array Output:

290.72 kWp

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