Dakota Eurocentral Hotel

As part of their commitment to sustainability, the Dakota Eurocentral Hotel wanted to install a commercial solar panel system on their rooftop that would provide renewable energy to the main hotel and their brand-new wedding and events space.

Located just outside Motherwell in Scotland, the business approached Shawton Energy to become part of their decarbonisation journey. Having already installed electric charging points in 2021 when acting as the sole hub for all the e-buses used throughout the COP26 summit in nearby Glasgow, Dakota wanted to do all it could to become more sustainable.


In a bid to reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint, we worked closely with our trusted project development partners GreenShield Group throughout the four-week installation. We installed high-quality SolarEdge inverters using an optimised system with Longi 400w panels and Van Der Valk trapezoidal and flat roof mounting systems.

As the hotel is an active environment with guests and staff requiring uninterrupted access and services, we had to take this into consideration during the entire process. We created a site compound at the very end of the hotel car park, which was as far away as possible from the property’s entrance and main guest parking. All materials were taken onto the roof by crane to ensure that there was no disruption for guests at all times.


Hotel Manager at Dakota Eurocentral John Dickson said;

“Working within the travel and tourism sector provides both a responsibility and an opportunity to be a catalyst for change within the industry. We try our best inside the hotel to be as sustainable as possible, so it makes sense to try our best on the outside with the installation of the new solar-panelled roof. We are very excited about our future aspirations to become more sustainable. This is simply the beginning of our efforts to pave a new dawn within the sector across Scotland and beyond.”

Key Facts


Installation Time:

4 Weeks


Carbon saved annually:

56,668 kg

Annual Energy Generation:

191,626 kWh

Array Output:

158 kWp

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