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Shawton Engineering, one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke structural steelwork and architectural metalwork in the UK, wanted to futureproof their business and show their commitment to the environment by installing a commercial solar panel system.

In a bid to reduce the company’s annual energy bills, Shawton Energy was commissioned to install a complete SolarEdge PV system of close to 600 375kw PV solar panels at their headquarters in Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside.


The initial site surveys and proposals had to take into account that Shawton Engineering’s headquarters are used 24/7 for engineering production, and as such, facility health and safety, logistics, and access were discussed and agreed upon.

As part of this detailed process, complete pre and construction-phase health and safety plans were produced and provided to the client to ensure the practically and long-term functionality of the install.

To ensure the maximum size of the Solar PV system, it was agreed with our client that existing skylights within the roof structure would be covered. As part of this work, an LED lighting replacement was undertaken within the production areas to ensure lighting LUX levels were exceeded to enhance the working environment.

Before installation, a full site compound, scaffold access, and handrails were introduced to provide our team with safe access to all working areas. Our experienced team then began installing a total of 589 Longi 375w PV modules, 295 SolarEdge P801 optimisers and 5 SolarEdge SE33.3k inverters.

The works took just four weeks from start to completion and were carried out with no disruption to Shawton Engineering’s day-to-day business.

The company is now generating its own renewable energy with its SolarEdge Solar PV system, and it’s estimated that the solar installation will help the business achieve savings of £2.9million on their energy bills over 25 years.

“It is fantastic that we can now generate our own electricity and that the process went so smoothly from start to finish. Our pupils are learning about the importance of creating a sustainable future and it’s great to see just how much we have reduced our carbon footprint already”.

Key Facts


Installation Time:

4 Weeks


Carbon saved annually:

42,330 kg

Average annual reduction in electricity bill:


(based on current energy prices)

Money saved on electricity bills in 25 years:

£2.9 Million

Capital expenditure:

187,000 kg

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