Valley Hydraulics

UK-based manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic cylinders Valley Hydraulics wanted to improve its carbon footprint, cut costs and improve energy efficiency with the installation of a rooftop commercial solar panel system.

Shawton Energy, working in conjunction with our trusted development partners, Green Shield Group, was commissioned to install a complete SolarEdge PV system on their premises in Chatburn.


Early surveys revealed that Valley Hydraulics’ roof contained asbestos, which meant we had to carry out a specialised asbestos roof solar installation. Utilising our team of structural engineers, a proprietary framing system was designed and fabricated in-house to enable panels to be mounted without disturbing the asbestos roof structure.

During a three-week timeframe, we installed 237 Longi 375 PV modules, 119 SolarEdge P730 optimisers and two SolarEdge SE66.6k inverters with no disruption to Valley Hydraulics’ day-to-day-business.


Valley Hydraulics is now generating its own renewable energy with its Solar PV system. It will benefit from up to a 20% reduction in its electricity bills each year, slashing its carbon emissions and saving more than £400,000 in 25 years.

“This project was not without its challenges, but the Shawton team were on hand to make sure that it all happened with minimal disruption and to the deadline that was set. We’re already witnessing the impact that the system is having and this is a major step in our decarbonation journey”.

Key Facts


Installation Time:

3 Weeks


Carbon saved annually:

32,443 kg

Average annual saving on electricity:


Money saved on electricity bills in 25 years:


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